How To Keep Your Desk Dust Free (9 things you can do now)

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how to keep desk dust free

I spend a large proportion of my day sitting at my desk. My desktop is made of glass. It’s a choice I now regret because it shows up every particle of dust and greasy mark. But I’m stuck with it! In this post, I have a ton of tips on how to keep your desk dust free and more conducive to productive work.

If you have no time and need to get back to work, here are a couple of things you can do right now to solve your dust problem:

The best way to keep your desk dust-free is to keep your room free of dust which includes regular vacuuming. Repel dust from your desk by wiping the surface with a microfiber cloth or tumble dryer sheet.

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Read on for more tips.

9 things you can do to reduce dust on your desk and keep it dust-free

My desk is glass and shows up dust immediately that it arrives. The room is carpeted and we have a dog. So I face lots of extra challenges when keeping my desk dust free.

If you are wondering why your desk is always dusty, the important thing to note is that the dustiness of your desk is dependent on the cleanliness of your room. For example, if you can keep your carpet regularly vacuumed, there will be less dust circulating, and therefore surfaces such as your desk will remain dust-free for longer.

Let’s take a look at what you can do to stop dust collecting on your computer desk.

1. Use an air filter

Our air filter has been a godsend since we got it. It helped stop the spread of COVID in the house when my two boys came down with it over Christmas last year. We all have hayfever, so it helps with that. It also helps to reduce dust in the house and general bad smells, like dog smell.

We love this air filter by Winix. It is almost completely silent and includes a HEPA filter so even the tiniest dust particles get removed. You can still buy it on Amazon using the below link.

2. Keep the floor vacuumed

Whether you have hard floors or carpets, always keep them regularly vacuumed. I recommend making sure that your vacuum has a HEPA filter in it because it will stop dust from recirculating into the room as you vacuum.

Need a recommendation? You can’t go wrong with a Miele Cat and Dog vacuum. I’ve owned one for over twenty years and it has never let me down.

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3. Keep a microfiber cloth on hand

Don’t be tempted to use furniture oil or wax on your desk because it will simply attract dust, and so you will find yourself dusting far more often.

Instead of furniture spray, reach for your microfiber cloth. The tiny fibres within it are electrostatically charged to attract dust as you wipe and leaves the surface less likely to collect dust. You don’t need any fancy cloths. These cloths from Amazon basic do the job perfectly.

Keep one to hand so you can squish the dust the minute it appears.

4. Make a dust repellent for your desk

This little trick can help to repel dust on your desk so you don’t have to clean it so often:

  1. In a spray bottle add one part fabric softener to 4 parts water.
  2. Shake to mix.
  3. Spray the solution onto a clean and dry microfiber cloth.
  4. Wipe over the surface of your desk

5. Clean ceiling fans

I don’t have ceiling fans in my home office room. But if you do, make sure you check them because if they are laden with dust, they will be swirling it all around your room when you switch them on.

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6. Clean air conditioning filters

If you have air conditioning in your home, check the filters and change them if necessary. Clogged up filters will cause dust to circulate only to rest on surfaces like your desk.

7. Keep your desk tidy and uncluttered

Dusting your desk regularly will be a lot easier if you can keep your desk tidy and uncluttered. A tidy desk can have other benefits too including increased productivity.

Here's more on how a clean uncluttered desk can boost productivity.

8. Don’t let your pets in your room

Pets are a major contributor when it comes to dust in your home! Keeping pets away from your workspace will mean less dust on your desk and, therefore, less cleaning time.

9. Cover it up when not in use

Lastly, if you are going to be away for a time, consider covering your whole desk with a large sheet. You will come home to a lovely clean desk and motivating yourself to get back to work will be much easier!

How to keep a black desk clean

Black desks are horrible for showing up dust and greasy marks. The only thing you can really do is to keep a microfiber cloth to hand and get into the habit of regularly wiping over it.

A good time to dust it will be when you finish work for the day. After you power down, reach for your cloth and give your desk a quick wipe around. It will take you seconds to do. If you keep your desk uncluttered, dusting will be quicker and easier.

How to keep dust out of desk drawers

The biggest tip I can give for keeping dust out of your desk drawers is to keep them closed! It seems obvious but even if they are open a crack, dust can get in.

How to keep a glass desk dust-free

I have a glass desk and it is the worst for picking up dust and there is no hiding it! Another thing I hate about glass is that it’s cold to the touch which is uncomfortable during the winter.

To help with the cold and to keep dust at bay, I bought myself a very large mouse mat that covers most of the desk like this:

It’s perfect because it feels lovely to the touch, and also hides the dust.

Other things you can do to keep a glass desk dust-free:

  • Regularly wipe over the desk with a dry microfiber cloth or a dryer sheet.
  • Repel dust on your glass desk by making up a solution of 1 part fabric softener to 4 parts of water and then spray onto a cloth and wipe over the glass.

How to keep your computer keyboard dust-free

cleaning a computer keyboard

I have a whole post here on how to keep dust out of your computer, but what about your keyboard?

Here are a couple of things you can do to keep dust and debris off your computer or laptop keyboard.

  1. Use a computer keyboard cover. You can buy lots of different styles of cover to suit the type of keyboard you have. The plastic is thin so it doesn’t affect the feel of the keyboard. You will be able to take it off and wash it which will remove the dust and keep it sanitary.
  2. Invest in a mini vacuum cleaner for your keyboard or a can of compressed air. If you want to get into the habit of removing dust from your keyboard, make it easier by keeping a USB-powered mini vacuum cleaner or a can of compressed air to hand.

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