what oatmeal for overnight oats

What Oatmeal is Best for Overnight Oats?

Overnight oats are a healthy no-cook breakfast option that you can make the night before or even days ahead if you are organised. Oats are known to be very filling and nutritious. They are a great way to start your … Read more

what are the top 5 vegetables to spiralize

What Are The Top 5 Vegetables To Spiralize?

If you are not spiralizing your vegetables for healthy pasta alternatives and delicious (and beautiful looking) salads you are missing out! I’ll admit I only joined the party just recently. Since finding out about spiralizing and how delicious food prepared … Read more

how vinegar kills bacteria

How Vinegar Kills Bacteria In Your Home

Vinegar is one of the staple cleaning products I have in my cupboard. I love it because it is natural, non-toxic, cheap and doesn’t make me want to choke like commercial cleaning sprays often do. Yes, vinegar does have a … Read more

Can You Do Yoga on a Towel? Yes or No?

Are you thinking of taking a yoga class whilst on holiday? Or perhaps you want to try out yoga before committing to the expense of buying a yoga mat? Maybe you want to get fit and not sure yet if … Read more

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How to Make Biodegradable Dish Soap the Natural Way

Every week, we use around 500 million pounds of soap products. This creates tons of waste and affects our environment by polluting water sources or leaving behind toxic chemicals. With the recent boom in sustainability, it’s time to start using … Read more