what oatmeal for overnight oats

What Oatmeal is Best for Overnight Oats?

Overnight oats are a healthy no-cook breakfast option that you can make the night before or even days ahead if you are organised. Oats are known to be very filling and nutritious. They are a great way to start your … Read more

what are the top 5 vegetables to spiralize

What Are The Top 5 Vegetables To Spiralize?

If you are not spiralizing your vegetables for healthy pasta alternatives and delicious (and beautiful looking) salads you are missing out! I’ll admit I only joined the party just recently. Since finding out about spiralizing and how delicious food prepared … Read more

which vegetables can you spiralize

Which Vegetables Can You Spiralize?

This post is more of a journal rather than one of sharing my experience of spiralizers. Because basically, I don’t have much to share yet. I have as many questions as you do, one of the first being ‘which vegetables … Read more

ideas for dinner with jacket potato

10 Ideas For Dinner With Jacket Potato

As a student and later when I lived on my own, jacket potatoes (along with tuna) were a staple meal, and of course a great budget-friendly meal too. What is not to love about them? Easy to cook, cheap to … Read more

ideas for dinner using mince

40 Ideas For Dinner Using Mince

Mince must be one of the most versatile of ingredients (and very budget-friendly too). Today I have 40 ideas for dinner using mince, including beef, lamb, turkey and vegan alternatives. There must be millions of recipes for mince, and I’m … Read more