How To Dust With Dryer Sheets (and stop dust from coming back)

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Dryer sheets are typically used for softening your laundry and reducing static in fabrics, but they have other uses too!

I'm all for repurposing and reusing things. Dryer sheets are the perfect example of this.

So don't throw yours away after using them in the dryer because you can use them for cleaning your house.

Let me start by saying that if you don't use dryer sheets for your laundry, don't buy them especially.

Microfiber cloths are a much better option because the tiny fibers can attract dust just as well as a dryer sheet. Plus, of course, they don't contain chemicals, and you can simply wash them and reuse.

There is plenty of hype around the internet about using dryer sheets for all sorts of jobs, such as cleaning your shower door, car, and even the toilet!

My advice would be to not even try that because there are far better ways to do such things. I have loads of tips on this blog on how to clean your house without chemicals, and I rarely mention dryer sheets!

However, if you love to use dryer sheets in your laundry, this post is for you. Don't throw them away, give them a second job!

Save your used dryer sheets for dusting your blinds, baseboards, TV screens and furniture. You can also use one to freshen-up smelly things like gym shoes and gym bags and keep stored linen fresh for longer.

Read on for more tips.

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What is so special about dryer sheets?

Dryer sheets are impregnated with chemicals that can help to reduce static electricity. By running a dryer sheet gently over a surface, you can help to reduce the amount of static and prevent dust from settling.

So, they are great for using on things that you don't want to have to dust too often, such as blinds, ceiling fans, baseboards, TV screens and monitors.

Here are my best tips for dusting with dryer sheets in your home:

  • Dryer sheets can be reused for dusting and cleaning after using them in the dryer. Don't throw them away!
  • Dryer sheets should not be recycled due to the chemicals they contain. However, you can usually recycle the cardboard box they came in.
  • Dryer sheets work best when you move them slowly over a surface. That way they have a chance to attract the dust rather than push it around.
  • When cleaning very dusty areas, you may want to begin by vacuuming the area.
  • Always wear gloves when handling a dryer sheet. The chemicals in them can irritate your skin.

What can you dust with dryer sheets?

wiping a tv screen with a dryer sheet

Dryer sheets can attract and hold on to dust. This makes them perfect for removing dust from things like blinds, ceiling fans, baseboards and more.

Here are all the things you can dust with dryer sheets:

  1. Hard floors. Use a dryer sheet on the end of your mop to attract dust and hair.
  2. Baseboards. Wipe a dryer sheet over your baseboards to pick up dust and stop it settling back later.
  3. Blinds. Wipe a dryer sheet over each slat to remove dust and keep your blind dust free.
  4. Plant leaves. Large plants with big leaves tend to get dusty. Wipe over the leaves with a dryer sheet to remove the dust and stop it coming back.
  5. TV screens and computer monitors. After cleaning your TV screen or monitor, wipe it with a dryer sheet to repel dust and keep it dust-free.
  6. Window sills. Wipe a dryer sheet over your window sills to keep them dust free.
  7. Furniture. Wipe a dryer sheet over your shelves, cabinets, tables, and bookcases.
  8. Ceiling fan blades. Dampen your dryer sheet and wipe it over your fan. All the dust will cling to it, making the job so much easier.

Pro-tip: Did you know that setting your ceiling fan in reverse causes the warm air to move down to where you need it rather than up? Find out more on how to decrease your heating bill.

How to dust blinds with dryer sheets

Dryer sheets are great for keeping blinds dust free.

dusting a blind with a dryer sheet

Things you will need

  • Dryer sheets
  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Protective gloves


  1. Use the vacuum cleaner with the brush attachment and remove any loose dust and debris from the blinds.
  2. Put on gloves to protect your hands.
  3. Take a dryer sheet and run it slowly and gently over the slats of the blinds. The static electricity in the dryer sheet will attract and hold on to the dust, so it is important to move the dryer sheet slowly and evenly across each slat. Avoid using too much pressure, so you don't damage the blind.
  4. Use your vacuum cleaner with the brush attachment to remove any excess dust that may be left behind.

Repeat the process with additional dryer sheets as needed until all the slats are clean and dust-free.

Pro-tip: Always wear gloves when dusting blinds with dryer sheets. The chemicals can irritate your skin.

Make sure to dispose of the used dryer sheets properly, as they cannot be recycled.

Frequently asked questions

Are dryer sheets recyclable?

It is not recommended to recycle dryer sheets. While the cardboard packaging that dryer sheets come in can typically be recycled, the dryer sheets themselves are not easily recyclable.

The fabric softeners and other chemicals that are applied to the sheets can contaminate recycled paper products, so it is best to dispose of used dryer sheets in the trash.

What is the difference between dryer sheets and dryer balls?

One of the main differences between dryer sheets and dryer balls is the way they soften fabrics.

Dryer sheets coat fabrics with chemicals, while dryer balls work by mechanically separating clothes and allowing hot air to circulate more efficiently.

This means that dryer balls are a more natural and environmentally friendly option, as they do not contain chemicals that can potentially be harmful to the environment or to people with sensitive skin.

Dryer balls are reusable, so they can save money and reduce waste over time.

Do dryer sheets repel dust?

When you wipe an object with a dryer sheet, you will find that it will repel dust. This means dust won't settle on the surface area so quickly. So, you don't have to dust so often.

Why do dryer sheets clean pans?

Each dryer sheet contains a small amount of fabric conditioning chemical. If you have a scorched pan, add some water and then submerge a dry sheet, then leave it to work overnight. You should find that the burnt-on food is easier to clean off.


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