How To Keep Pizza Warm Without An Oven

how to keep pizza warm without an oven

We love pizza in our house! I love making it too. Without exception, pizza is best eaten straight from the oven, whether you made it from scratch, cooked it from frozen, or had fresh pizza delivered.

What if you can’t eat the pizza immediately? Maybe you aren’t ready to eat it, or your guests haven’t arrived?

The very best place to keep your pizza warm is inside the original delivery box in a low oven. But, if you don’t have an oven or it’s full up with something else, what is the alternative?

Here is the quick answer, (read on for more detail):

If your pizza is in a box, put it in an insulated food bag and wrap it again with a blanket. Or, wrap the box completely with aluminium foil. For a single pizza put it in a warmed frying pan and then clamp on the lid until you are ready to eat.

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How to keep pizza warm without an oven

There are several ways to keep your pizza warm even if you don’t have an oven and it all depends on what you have available.

If your pizza is in a box straight from the pizza takeaway then the best thing to do is keep it in the box and wrap it up inside an insulated bag or using some aluminium foil.

Let’s look at the options.

Use aluminium foil to keep your pizza warm

If you have some aluminium foil to spare, then you can use it to keep your pizza warm.

  1. Wrap the whole pizza box completely in aluminium foil, making sure there are no gaps.
  2. If your pizza does not have a box put it on a plate and then cover the plate and pizza completely in foil. If you can warm your plate beforehand, that will help.

Don’t take your pizza out of the box

If your pizza comes in a box, don’t take it out of there, even if you have an oven and expect to be reheating it later.

Use an insulated bag to keep your pizza warm

If your pizza arrived before your guests, don’t remove it from the box. Put it straight into an insulated food bag like this one. You could even add a hot water bottle in there if you have space.

Have your pizza delivered at the last possible moment when you think everyone will be ready to eat.

How to warm your pizza in a microwave

If you have a microwave, then you can use it to revive your pizza should it go cold.

The problem with microwaving pizza is that you can end up with a hard dry crust if you heat it too long, or it can go soggy. Neither of which is very appetizing!

Here’s how to heat pizza in the microwave without it getting soggy or dry:

  1. Put your pizza on a plate along with a cup or mug of water.
  2. Cook on high for 30 seconds.

The water in the cup will evaporate, creating a steamy environment inside the oven.

How to keep your pizza warm on the stovetop

pizza keeping warm on the stovetop

You can keep your pizza warm on a stovetop if you don’t have an oven. This works best if you only have one pizza to keep warm and you have a suitably sized frying pan.

I recommend using a heavy-based frying pan such as a cast-iron skillet so that there is less chance of burning the pizza base.

  1. Heat your pan for a couple of minutes on medium heat. You want to get your pan warm all around.
  2. Turn the heat down to the lowest setting.
  3. Add your pizza and clamp on a lid. If you don’t have a lid, put some aluminium foil on the top and seal it all around.
  4. Turn off the heat and your pizza will keep warm in the pan until you are ready to eat it.

You will need to keep a constant eye on the pizza.

If you think the pizza is burning on the bottom, turn the heat off immediately.

I love using my induction hob for this because the lowest setting allows you to use it to gently keep food warm without burning it.

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How to keep pizza warm in the car

You’ve found the perfect place for take-away pizza. But they don’t deliver or it is a bit of a long journey.

Never fear because with these tips you will be able to enjoy your pizza warm however far it travelled to get to your plate.

  1. Use your heated seats. If your car has heated seats, make a special spot for your pizzas. Turn on the heat before you get to the takeaway restaurant, so it is warmed and ready for pizza transit.
  2. Invest in some insulated pizza carriers. This insulated food bag means that you can keep your takeaway food warm in transit however long your car journey is.
  1. Use a blanket. Take some thick blankets or even a duvet with you and tuck your pizza in tightly. If you have your pizza in an insulated bag, wrap your bedding around that too for extra warmth.
  2. Use your coat. If you don’t have anything to hand to wrap up your pizza maybe you have a coat to spare?
  3. Hot water bottle. Fill up one or two hot water bottles before you set out in your car and use them to keep your pizza warm.

How to keep pizza warm at a party without an oven

eating pizza at a party

Pizza is delicious when fresh, but when it’s cold it isn’t so appetizing.

Unfortunately, pizza tends to cool down very quickly, so it is always best eaten immediately. But if you are hosting a party and guests appear at different times, that just isn’t possible.

Here are some tips for keeping your pizza warm at a party without using your oven:

  1. If you are having your pizza delivered, don’t let it cool down in transit. Take an insulated bag with you. If you have heated seats, use them to keep your pizza warm. If you don’t have a suitable insulated bag, use a blanket or a small duvet instead.
  2. Once you have your pizza home, and you won’t be eating it straight away, wrap the pizza in its box in aluminium foil and pile on some tea towels.
  3. For buffet-style parties, cover the serving dish with aluminium foil and wrap it snugly around the sides to keep the heat in. Warm your serving dish before you put the pizza on it.
  4. Don’t bring the pizza out until all your guests have arrived, that way everyone can enjoy the pizza when it is still warm.

How to warm pizza without an oven

If you don’t have an oven or even a microwave oven, how can you warm your pizza? Well, hopefully, you have a stove because that is the next best way to warm your pizza.

You can warm your pizza in any type of frying pan that is big enough to allow the pizza to lie flat on the bottom with some space around it. My preference is a cast iron skillet because it has a heavy base which means the bottom of your pizza is less likely to burn.

Things you will need:

  • Large frying pan or skillet (big enough to allow the pizza to lie flat with space around it)
  • Well-fitting lid or aluminium foil
  • Water

Directions for warming your pizza without an oven:

  1. Heat your pan on medium to low heat until the bottom is warm.
  2. Add the pizza and allow it to cook for a few minutes or until the base of the pizza is warm and crispy.
  3. Add a few drops of water around the edge of the pan. This will help to create steam.
  4. Cover the pan and reduce the heat to low. If you don’t have a lid, put some aluminium foil on top and press it around the edge to make a seal.
  5. Allow the pizza to steam in the pan for a few minutes. This will warm the top of the pizza without drying it out.

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