10 Best Cheap Trainers for the Gym

It is very possible to get pretty fit indeed on next to no money.

For yoga, all you really need is a yoga mat. For almost everything else your only outlay might be some gym trainers, and maybe some fitness gear too.

Today I am going to review the best cheap trainers for the gym. Perfect for when you are on a budget.

But first, let me tell you a secret …

I’m not actually going to join a gym!

But, I would like to do some fitness videos on Youtube again.

best cheap trainers for the gym

Unfortunately, the last time I attempted to get fit doing Youtube videos, it resulted in a foot condition called plantar fasciitis. I am pretty sure the cause of it was jumping around on a hard floor without proper trainers.

If you haven’t come across plantar fasciitis before, number 1 you are fortunate, and 2, you don’t ever want it because it is painful. Plantar fasciitis is a very common condition that affects the tendons under the foot and it takes a long time to heal and usually involves visits to a podiatrist. If you’re really unlucky like me, you will get it on both feet.

My treatment cost me ££££s. If I had just been careful and worn gym trainers with good support I would have saved big. Two years later, it’s gone, but as soon as I start walking around barefoot again, it comes back.

I resolved my plantar fasciitis finally by walking around permanently in a pair of these.

I’m not cured of it. I know I will always have to be careful.

I am astounded at the price of gym trainers these days. Branded trainers are ridiculously expensive! I would much rather ditch the trendy brand in return for something far cheaper but equally as good.

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best cheap trainers for the gym

Let’s look at what makes a good trainer for the gym.

Good support

Good support for the foot is a must. Agile gym work requires moving in all directions. You will want to do things like side lunges without feeling your ankle giving way at the side and do squats with confidence.

Good stability

A gym shoe will be flatter back to front than a running shoe. This is so that your foot has better stability when doing things like lifting weights in a gym or a body pump class.

Comfort – of course

Don’t end up with plantar fasciitis like me! If you have a tendency for the condition then definitely go for a trainer with good cushioning. My podiatrist gave me some inserts to put in my shoes which worked well, but I found trainers with memory foam inside worked well. Unfortunately, I found memory foam not to last. After a time it gets more compacted and the cushioning effect is not so good.

Let’s have a look at what’s on offer and which could be the best trainers for the gym.

10 Best cheap trainers for the gym

Under Armour – Gym Shoes with First-Class Traction

This shoe by Under Armour is very lightweight and breathable with plenty of support. It’s padded around the ankle and tongue area. The manufacturer describes the grip of these trainers as ‘tyre-like’.

Reviewers have said that these trainers are sized quite small and you will need to order the next size up.

SAGUARO Unisex Barefoot Shoes

For a budget barefoot shoe, these are a good choice. As per the barefoot style, the sole is quite thin. If you need plenty of cushioning underfoot then avoid these. Conversely, if you like a barefoot feel then they should be perfect for you. The manufacturer describes these shoes as ‘socks with soles’.

The upper material is breathable and they will dry quickly if you get them wet.

Love this? Follow me here!

BUBUDENG Mens Trainers

A comfortable, breathable and lightweight budget trainer. This shoe has plenty of 5-star reviews with an emphasis on comfort. They come in several colours too. I don’t think you can go wrong with these.

CXWRZB Women’s Gym Trainers

These gym trainers for ladies are priced very affordably. The upper is made of a breathable mesh and they are super lightweight and comfortable. They have great reviews and some have said they are better than more expensive shoes.

WHITIN Mens and Womens Trainers

These trainers from Whitin come in lots of cool colours for all tastes. One reviewer describes this as suitable for those with plantar fasciitis due to the inner sole support. They are lightweight and breathable and surprisingly comfortable for such an affordably priced shoe.

SOLLOMENSI Mens Womens Trainers

Again, lots of great colours. These trainers by Sollomensi have excellent shock absorption and are durable, breathable and have very good grip underneath. These trainers come up small, you might need to order a bigger size.

NewNaisu Mens and Womens Gym Shoes

These very stylish gym trainers by NewNaisu have a shock-absorbing air cushion design to soothe foot pressure. They are a great buy for the price.

Axcone Men Women Sports Shoes

This is another air cushion style trainer with a lot of 5-star reviews who have said they are beautiful and comfortable. If you can’t get your size in the NewNaisu brand this one would be comparable.

IceUnicorn Mens Trainers Slip on Lightweight Shoes

These gym trainers look like lace-ups in the picture but they are actually slip-on shoes. I don’t know why they are described only as men’s shoes in particular because they come in lots of colours that women would appreciate too I think.

They have great 5 star reviews and one reviewer said they fit like a pair of socks.

I have actually bought these for my son because he prefers a slip-on shoe, and I may even buy some for me too (I’m a lady by the way!). Neither of us are lazy of course ?

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