Can You Tumble Dry Trainers?

Can You Tumble Dry Trainers?

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Putting your shoes in a tumble dryer isn’t the only way to get them dry. If your motivation for using a dryer is to save time, know that there are plenty of ways to reduce drying times when you go for the natural route. Keep reading for great tips.

Can you tumble dry trainers? Yes you can, but don’t attempt it if your trainers are made of leather. Use a drying rack to prevent damage to your dryer or jam the laces in the dryer door to stop them from banging on the drum.

Can you dry trainers in a tumble dryer?

Here’s where you should be careful when drying your trainers in the dryer:

  • They are made of leather. Most trainers are made of synthetic material, but some have sections on them that are made of leather. Leather can shrink when heated. Your trainers might have a different shape to them when they come out of the tumble dryer.
  • You love them! Do you love your trainers? Perhaps they cost you plenty to buy. In that case, drying them naturally is worth the wait. Read on to find out the best and quickest ways to air dry your trainers safely.

The heat from a tumble dryer can shrink the rubber and any leather. Plus, it can loosen the glue. Always use a low-temperature or cold setting.

If you need to wash your trainers first, the best way to do it is by hand as washing machines can damage the materials. Here’s how to wash your shoes by hand using baking soda and dish soap.

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How to dry your trainers in a tumble dryer without damaging them

Whichever method you go for to dry your shoes in a tumble dryer, I recommend you dry them to about 50% dry if you can spare the time. This way the likelihood of damaging your shoes is reduced and you don’t risk overdrying them.

A great place to finish off the drying time is to use your airing cupboard if you have one or use one or more of the tips below on drying your trainers fast.

Always spin your trainers in the washing machine to get rid of most of the water before you put them in a tumble dryer.

Method 1 – using a drying rack

Lots of dryers now come with a drying rack for delicate items and shoes. If your dryer has one all you need to do is put your shoes inside the rack and then select the correct cycle.

If you are in the market for buying a new tumble dryer it’s worth buying one with this feature if you know you will need to tumble dry shoes and delicates.

Method 2 – suspend the shoes in the dryer

If you don’t have a drying rack for your tumble dryer you still have options.

  1. Untie the shoelaces and put a big knot in the end.
  2. Jam the shoelaces in the door so that they hang up inside.
  3. Select a cool setting.

Hanging your trainers inside the dryer stops them from banging around on the inside of the tumble dryer. So there is less danger of damaging your shoes and the drum.

Be careful not to overdry your trainers. It is better to stop when they are almost dry rather than bone dry.

Method 3 – use a fluffy sock

If you don’t have a rack and your trainers don’t have convenient shoelaces to suspend them why not try a fluffy sock instead?

  1. Find some large fluffy socks and put your trainers inside them.
  2. You should find that the socks protect the drum and they don’t make a loud banging noise.
  3. Select a low-temperature drying cycle.

Another option would be to use a pillowcase or mesh laundry bag.

Kimmama Set of 2 Delicates Laundry Bags,Durable Zipper Mesh Laundry Bag,Bra Fine Mesh Wash Bag,Keep Cloth Shape in the Washer
Kimmama Set of 2 Delicates Laundry Bags,Durable Zipper Mesh Laundry Bag,Bra Fine Mesh Wash Bag,Keep Cloth Shape in the Washer

Method 4 – add dry fluffy towels

Fill up your tumble dryer with some dry towels. You should find that the drum is more protected and the banging sounds will be reduced.

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The quickest way to dry trainers without a tumble dryer

If you don’t have a tumble dryer or you decide it is too much of a risk, you have plenty of options for speeding up natural drying times.

How to dry trainers fast

trainers on a washing line

1. Spin them in the washing machine

If you have a washing machine, use the spin cycle to remove most of the water before you start to air dry them. This will make a big difference to the overall drying time.

2. Untie shoelaces and remove the innersole

Remove the shoelaces and innersoles and pull the tongue out. This will allow more air into the shoe and therefore reduce the drying time.

3. Stuff

If you stuff your trainers it will help with moisture absorption, here are some options:

  • Crystal cat litter – fill a sock halfway with crystal cat litter and place it inside the shoe. The crystals will do a brilliant job of absorbing the moisture.
PetSafe ScoopFree Premium Blue Non-Clumping Crystal Cat Litter, Lightly Scented Litter – Superior Odor Control – Low Tracking for Less Mess – Lasts Up to 1 Month, 8.6 lbs total (2 Pack of 4.3 lb bags)
PetSafe ScoopFree Premium Blue Non-Clumping Crystal Cat Litter, Lightly Scented Litter – Superior Odor Control – Low Tracking for Less Mess – Lasts Up to 1 Month, 8.6 lbs total (2 Pack of 4.3 lb bags)
  • Newspaper – scrunch up some old newspapers and stuff them inside the shoes. You will need to change the paper periodically.

4. Use a fan heater

Put your shoes in front of a fan heater with a low-temperature setting.

5. Put them in your airing cupboard

If you have an airing cupboard in your home, don’t use it for storage, use it for drying! Your airing cupboard is a naturally warm place perfect for drying your trainers.

Don’t put sopping wet trainers in your airing cupboard. Air dry them or tumble dry to at least 50% and then finish off in the airing cupboard.

6. Hang them on your washing line

If you have fine weather hang them outside on your washing line or over a clothes airer.

How NOT to dry trainers fast

It is pretty simple to dry trainers fast, and you don’t need any extra equipment. But one thing to note is don’t be tempted to put your trainers on top of a hot radiator. The heat will shrink the outer material and damage the leather.

Plus, it is never a good idea to block a radiator’s heat, especially if you are looking to reduce your heating bill.

Can you dry trainers with a hairdryer?

A hairdryer is not the best way to dry your trainers fast because the heat will damage the shoe. If your hairdryer has a cool setting it could work. But of course, you will have to be present all the time as it could be dangerous to leave a hairdryer unattended.

Can you put trainers in the washing machine?

Yes, you can wash trainers in the washing machine. According to the washing machine manufacturer, Bosch, it is safe to wash trainers made of synthetic materials. Choose a cool gentle cycle and place your shoes inside a pillowcase to protect them and your machine.

Can you dry Nike shoes in the dryer?

As with any other trainer, it is always a risk to dry your trainers in a tumble dryer because there is potential to damage the materials and loosen the adhesive. If your shoe has any leather on it always choose a natural method of drying. If you choose to tumble dry, use a drying rack if you have one, or suspend the trainers inside the drum by trapping the laces in the door.

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