How To Use Ecoegg Detox Tablets To Clean Your Washing Machine

How To Use Ecoegg Detox Tablets To Clean Your Washing Machine

Ecoeggs are a wonderful alternative to the usual washing methods because they are a very eco-friendly and cheap option for your laundry.

They have a very unique way of cleaning using special pellets that release soap and change the PH level of the water to make cleaning more effective.

I am a long-time user and advocate of eco-friendly washing powder and cold water washing. When I discovered the Ecoegg I just had to get one.

I love that they are so easy to use (just add one to your wash), they are simple to refill (just add more pellets), plus they are cheap to use.

And the big one …

They actually work!

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But there is one important thing that you need to do before you use your Ecoegg for the first time and that is to clean the inside of your machine to rid it of any soap scum build-up.

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Why do you need to clean your washing machine before using Ecoegg?

Traditional powders and liquids tend to linger in your machine in the form of soap scum. This soap scum can build up over time and it is especially worse if you regularly wash on a cold setting. The problem with soap scum buildup is that it can smell which will taint your clean laundry.

Regular washing powder is often highly perfumed, so it can mask bad smells. You might not realise what it is covering up!

Ecoeggs are unperfumed unless you buy a perfumed type, but even so, the fragrance is quite subtle. They are more than capable of cleaning your clothes, but if your machine is loaded with smelly scum Ecoegg will have a very tough time doing a good job.

Ecoeggs are a very ‘clean’ way to wash your laundry and this means that your washing machine needs to be cleansed of your old power and liquids before you use them.

If you don’t clean your machine first there is a danger the old chemicals will end up in your new eco-friendly wash and you might find your washing smells … well, unclean.

Fortunately, it is very easy to clean out your machine using one of Ecoegg’s detox tablets and a hot wash cycle.

Here’s how one application of the Ecoegg detox will benefit your machine:

  • Remove soap scum and limescale build-up inside your machine
  • Rid your machine of smelly odours
  • Clean the pipes

What are Ecoegg detox tablets?

Ecoegg Washing Machine Cleaner Front and Top Load Including HE
Ecoegg Washing Machine Cleaner Front and Top Load Including HE

When you purchase your detox tablets from Ecoegg you will get six tablets in the box. You will need one tablet per application. It is recommended that you clean out your machine once per month which means one packet of detox tablets will be good for six months.

What do the Ecoegg detox tablets contain?

Each tablet weighs 7grams and contains 100% sodium carbonate.

Sodium carbonate is another name for washing soda which is a naturally occurring substance found in soil and water. Sodium carbonate has not been found to have adverse effects on the environment or wildlife and is considered a ‘green’ chemical.

How to use Ecoegg detox tablets to clean your washing machine

Here is how to clean your washing machine with an Ecoegg detox tablet:

Step 1 – Ensure machine is empty

Step 2 – Add one Ecoegg detox tablet

Unwrap one Ecoegg detox tablet and add it to the drum. Do not add anything else, no powder, no liquid, no Ecoegg.

Step 3 – Run a hot cycle

Select the hottest cycle that your machine has, ideally 90c.

Step 4 – Wait for the cycle to finish

Step 5 – Clean the door seal

Clean the door seal. Depending on how dirty it is you may need to spray on some mould killer.

Where to buy Ecoegg detox tablets?

There are several places to buy Ecoegg detox tablets online:

Ecoegg Washing Machine Cleaner Front and Top Load Including HE
Ecoegg Washing Machine Cleaner Front and Top Load Including HE

Frequently Asked Questions

How often to detox your washing machine?

We recommend detoxing your machine every month. This ensures your washing machine pipes stay clean and it operates more effectively.

Are there alternatives to using Ecoegg detox tablets?

Dri-pak soda crystals

Dri-Pak Soda Crystals (1kg / 2.2 lb bag)
Dri-Pak Soda Crystals (1kg / 2.2 lb bag)

Ecoegg detox tablets are made of washing soda which is a cleaning product you can buy in most supermarkets. Dri-pak’s Soda Crystals would work just fine too.

Laundry powder

A small amount of laundry powder would work on a high-temperature wash.

Vinegar or bleach

You can also use a small amount of bleach in the drum and some vinegar in the rinse cycle.

Nothing at all

If you can make sure you do regular hot washes of at least 60celcius you should find your washer keeps nice and clean. It is cold washing temperatures that tend to make scum build-up worse.

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Before you use your Ecoegg clean the inside of your machine. Find out how to use ecoegg detox tablets to clean your machine now.