Ecoegg Pros and Cons - Should You Make The Switch?

Ecoegg Pros and Cons - Should You Make The Switch?

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I have always been interested in finding the cheapest ways to clean the house and ways to make cleaning more efficient. Ecoeggs appear to fit the bill nicely because they seem to be cheaper and a more natural option than regular detergent

I have experimented with cheap ways to do my laundry for years. The method I have settled with lately is to use half the amount of detergent and supplement with washing soda crystals. If I have any stubborn stains to deal with I apply a little extra detergent to the area.

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This method of saving money has served me well for a long time.

But is it the best in terms of eco-friendliness? And could I get a cheaper wash with something else?

Before I make a decision, I want to find out more and I’m sure you do too as you’re here after all!

This post isn’t an Ecoegg review, because I can’t do that until I have made the decision to buy and have actually had experience using it. Instead, I am going to take you through all the Ecoegg pros and cons, to help you decide too.

So why haven’t I bought Ecoeggs already?

I’ve tried something similar before and I think they were called Ecoballs. They are similar to Ecoeggs, in that they have pellets inside. Instead of putting one item into the wash as for Ecoeggs, there were three of them. Unfortunately, they didn’t work very well for me which is why I have hesitated to purchase Ecoeggs before now. The wash was not good enough for me at the time with a baby and a toddler and nappies to wash. It made better sense to use regular detergent and I have stuck to that ever since.

What are Ecoeggs?

An Ecoegg is an egg-shaped plastic container that contains pellets. You add it to your washing machine drum and run a wash as you normally would. It lasts for 50-210 washes depending on the type you buy. After that, you can buy the washing pellets separately and refill your egg. The egg itself will apparently last about 10 years.

How does the Ecoegg laundry egg clean?

According to the Ecoegg website:

The biodegradable surfactants in the Laundry Egg pellets lift dirt from the fabrics because one end of the surfactant’s molecule is attracted to water and the other end is attracted to dirt and grease. The surfactant molecules help water to take hold of the dirt and grease, break it up and wash it away. The other ingredients in the pellets ensure that dirt and grime in the water do not move back onto the fabrics and remain in the wash water. The black tourmaline pellets naturally ionise the water making it slightly more alkaline. Alkaline water lifts dirt better, but also softens the fibres of the clothes. Acidic water can be damaging to clothes and fibres.

Can't get motivated?
#10 works every time I use it!

How much does an Ecoegg laundry egg cost per wash?

Depending on how much you pay for your Ecoegg it could cost you about 14p per wash initially. After that, you can buy a refill and replace the pellets. When you refill it will cost about 10p per wash.

ecoegg Laundry Egg, Fresh Linen 720 Loads
ecoegg Laundry Egg, Fresh Linen 720 Loads

How to use Ecoegg laundry egg

  • Load your washing
  • Add the Ecoegg
  • Select a washing cycle and temperature (up to 60c)
  • Run the wash as normal

Important to note:

  • Remove the Ecoegg before the drying cycle
  • Clean your washing machine before first use by running a hot wash (and every month thereafter). You can buy cleaning tablets on the Ecoegg website especially for cleaning your machine. If you buy a starter kit you get one included.

Ecoegg pros and cons

ecoegg pros and cons

Ecoegg Pros

Cheaper than most washing detergents per wash

Ecoeggs cost between 10p and 14p per wash which is cheaper than most brands of washing detergent.

No strong smell

Detergent and fabric conditioners often have very strong smells. You can buy Ecoeggs fragrance-free or with one of two fragrances (Fresh Linen and Spring Blossom).

Kind to skin

Ecoegg is non-biological and hypoallergenic (including the fragranced versions). It has been tested on people with sensitive skin and has been given an ‘Excellent’ rating by Dermatest.


If you are looking to reduce plastic and chemicals going down the drain, Ecoegg is the way to go. The outer casing of the Ecoegg will last for 10 years. Think of how many plastic detergent containers you would have used in that time!

Works on cold washes

The Ecoeggs website says you can use their product at all temperatures up to 60deg including cold.

No messy detergents to deal with

Detergents and fabric conditions can be very messy. I’m forever cleaning up spills, not to mention the waste!

No bulky detergents to store

I have a cupboard just for my laundry products. It would be great to use that space for something else.

No need for a separate fabric conditioner

I have to say that I don’t use fabric conditioners anyway, but it is nice knowing that I don’t need them.

You can reduce the number of rinses

You use the Ecoegg in the whole wash including the rinse cycle. You can reduce the number of rinses on your wash cycle and save water too.

Not tested on animals

This is nice to know.

Easy to buy

You can buy your Ecoeggs and refills directly from the Ecoegg website or at Amazon.

ecoegg Laundry Egg, Fresh Linen 720 Loads
ecoegg Laundry Egg, Fresh Linen 720 Loads

Can help to avoid shrinkage

I find that using an Ecoegg combined with cold washing helps to prevent my clothes from shrinking in the wash.

ecoegg pros and cons

Ecoegg Cons

You will most likely need to pre-treat your stains

I fully expect to continue pre-treating stains as I currently do for detergent washes.

Will not whiten whites unless you buy a whitening laundry egg

Ecoegg sells a separate whites version containing a natural whitener and brightener. You could use a whites version for everything to save having two eggs. Or, use the regular version and add a scoop of whitener to your wash, but that means using chemicals of course.

Can't get motivated?
#10 works every time I use it!

Should not be used above 60deg

Ecoeggs are not intended for use above 60degrees.

You will need to run a maintenance wash

Ecoegg recommends that you detox your washing machine with a very hot cycle (90deg) once per month.

Cleaning power is unclear

Until I do a thorough review I cannot be sure that these laundry eggs are any good in terms of cleaning power. Does Ecoegg really work? Could they be as good or better than using a detergent? I will report back!

For a large machine you will need two Ecoeggs

If you have a large machine above 8kg you will need two Ecoeggs.

Ecoegg pros and cons – conclusion

Based on this research I am very tempted to go ahead and try these out. Sadly I was disappointed with my Ecoballs purchase several years ago and the experience turned me off the concept. I do believe that Ecoeggs are entirely different.

I especially like the fact that the Ecoegg produces some suds (which Ecoballs did not). Maybe I’m being a bit naive, but seeing suds in the wash makes me think it is actually working.

I will report back with my Ecoegg laundry egg review when I can get my hands on one. I am also very interested in another eco-friendly laundry product called soap nuts. See the pros and cons of soap nuts here. I have also compared the two here: Soap Nuts VS Ecoegg.

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Ecoegg is a cost-effective way to do your laundry but what are the pros and cons?