How To Know When To Change Ecoegg Pellets

How To Know When To Change Ecoegg Pellets

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Since I started using my Ecoegg, I knew that at some stage I would have to refill the pellets and I’ve been wondering how to know when to change Ecoegg pellets.

The Ecoegg I bought is supposed to last for 70 washes. The problem is that apparently, the manufacturer bases their estimate on a 30 deg 30-minute wash, but my front-loading machine doesn’t have a wash that short apart from the quick wash which is only meant to be used for half loads.

In case you are new to the concept of the Ecoegg let me first do a back-track and explain what they are. If you want to skip straight to the section on Ecoegg refills click here.

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What is an Ecoegg?

ecoegg Laundry Egg, Fresh Linen 720 Loads
ecoegg Laundry Egg, Fresh Linen 720 Loads

An Ecoegg helps you to wash your laundry in an environmentally friendly and economical way. It is in the shape of an egg and inside are lots of pellets that release detergent into the water during the washing cycle.

You add it to your washing machine drum and run a wash as you normally would. While the egg itself can last years and years, the pellets inside will need to be replaced after a number of uses.

How does the Ecoegg get clothes clean?

How does the Ecoegg get clothes clean

The Ecoegg has a special way of cleaning whereby the pellets release a special biodegradable surfactant to lift dirt.

According to the Ecoegg website:

The biodegradable surfactants in the Laundry Egg pellets lift dirt from the fabrics because one end of the surfactant’s molecule is attracted to water and the other end is attracted to dirt and grease. The surfactant molecules help water to take hold of the dirt and grease, break it up and wash it away. The other ingredients in the pellets ensure that dirt and grime in the water do not move back onto the fabrics and remain in the wash water. The black tourmaline pellets naturally ionise the water making it slightly more alkaline. Alkaline water lifts dirt better, but also softens the fibres of the clothes. Acidic water can be damaging to clothes and fibres.

How long does an Ecoegg last?

The Ecoegg pellets initially last for 50-210 washes depending on which Ecoegg you buy. After that, you can buy the washing pellets separately and refill your egg. The egg itself will apparently last about 10 years.

When to replace Ecoegg pellets

It can be tricky to know when to change Ecoegg pellets. When you buy your egg or refill pellets it will stipulate how many washes it is good for. Unfortunately, the Ecoegg manufacturer bases its estimate on a 30c 30-minute wash. If your wash is typically longer than 30 minutes or you wash regularly at higher temperatures, you will get less mileage for your money.

How do you know when to change the Ecoegg pellets?

Here are two signs that your Ecoeggs needs refilling:

  1. The white pellets are half the size they were initially.
  2. The pellets fall beneath the white line on the larger half of the egg.

What are the Ecoegg black pellets?

ecoegg tourmaline pellet

The black or grey pellets in your Ecoegg are made of a semi-precious stone called tourmaline. Tourmaline helps to make the washing water more alkaline. Alkaline water lifts dirt better, but also softens the fibres of the clothes.

Do you need to replace the Ecoegg black (tourmaline) pellets?

No, you do not need to replace the black pellets. They will not wear away as the white pellets will.

How to dispose of used Ecoegg pellets?

The white pellets should be disposed of in the general waste. At this time they cannot be recycled or added to your compost heap as soap nuts can.

The black tourmaline pellets should not be thrown away because they don’t wear out.

How to refill an Ecoegg?

  1. Press the button on the egg and twist off the top half
  2. Top up with a bag of new white pellets or more until the pellets reach the white line.

How long do refills last?

One refill pack will last for approximately 50 washes or less if you wash at high temperatures or your typical wash is longer than 30 minutes.

Where to buy Ecoegg refill pellets?

There are several places to buy Ecoegg refills. It’s worth shopping around for the best deals. These are the places I always look.

ecoegg Laundry Egg Refill Fragrance Free, 50 Loads
ecoegg Laundry Egg Refill Fragrance Free, 50 Loads

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