How To Save Loads of Money Over Time - 5 Little Known Habits

habits to save money

Many of us have habits that we didn’t realise were actually saving us a huge amount of cash over the years. Find out how to save loads of money over time by making these small tweaks.

Recently I sat down and thought about my habits, and how they were helping me to save money in several areas of my life.

Here are the biggest ones that came to mind. I hope that you can benefit too!

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1. Moisturiser: Vaseline AKA petroleum jelly

I don’t know what I would do without Vaseline! This stuff is amazing. You may think this is weird, but this has been my only moisturiser for about the last eight years at least.

You can use Vaseline everywhere. I use it on my face morning and night. I use it on my underarms to stop my deo from stinging and making me itchy. I use it all over my body and then go to bed and wake up glowing.

And the best thing? It is sooo cheap compared to the fancy moisturisers.

2. Cleaning: Microfibre cloths

I discovered microfiber cleaning cloths about ten years ago. At the time they were expensive, so I could only afford a couple or so.

Nowadays you can buy them cheap as chips on eBay and Amazon. I buy them about 20 at a time until they wear thin, which is about 2-3 years and then replace all at once (much cheaper in bulk). These rags have saved me soooo much money in cleaning products, and my house is actually cleaner too.

See a bit of dust of grime? It is so much easier to pick up a cloth and give it a quick wipe than it is to search through a cleaning cupboard for the right chemical. Did I say chemical? I love that all you need is water alone, no chemicals whatsoever!

Want to save even more money? Use homemade detergent to clean your microfiber cloths instead of regular detergent.

3. Tech: PCs instead of Macs

Yes, I fell into the church of Mac a while ago. At the time, I was very happy.

When it came time to replace my Macs, I quickly fell out of love when I realised that they really don’t serve me or my bank account anymore. I bought a fantastic Windows laptop instead, followed by a desktop PC and saved myself ooodles of money.

Let me tell you that Windows 10 is fantastic. I don’t miss the MAC OS at all, apart from a couple of apps that I had to ditch because they don’t run on Windows … but that is IT!

Don’t waste your money on Macs. It really isn’t worth it!

This is the laptop I have and it is fantastic.

4. Holidays: AirB&B

airb&b booking website

Our last foreign holiday was with AirB&B. I’ve never used them before, and to be honest the very fact that we were trying this new thing felt like an adventure in itself.

Our very cheap flight combined with accommodation supplied by AirB&B resulted in an amazing holiday to the island of Lanzarote … IN SCHOOL HOLIDAYS if you please!

And what’s more our flights were direct and at lovely times of the day. We arrived on the island in the afternoon and enjoyed a delicious tapas lunch on the seafront before catching our flight home.

Get a discount at AirB&B on your first trip with this link.

5. Dry laundry outside

Running a tumble dryer costs a lot of money over the year. Wherever possible, I use my washing line to dry clothes.

There are lots of different types of line to suit your outside area from retractable to rotary, to free-standing.

You could also dry clothes inside on an airer. When the kids were small, and we were super broke, I used to hang washing to dry on the shower rail.

When it’s not possible to dry outside you could dry clothes to the stage where they are still a little damp and then transfer to the airing cupboard to finish off. I often do that in the winter.

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If you find yourself without a washing machine, it is easier than you think to wash your laundry by hand.


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