10 Easy and Healthy Chicken Breast Crock Pot Recipes

Along with beef, chicken is my favourite ingredient to cook in the crockpot because it is so good at absorbing all the delicious flavours you cook it with.

Cooked in a crockpot, chicken is even more melt-in-the-mouth flavoursome.

Crockpot cooking fits in perfectly in our household because I just don’t have time usually to cook at the end of the day. Just a few minutes of prep time in the morning or last thing at night is all that is needed for most crockpot recipes.

We always try to eat together in the evening. But due to varying schedules, this is sometimes not possible, so I always use the keep warm function to make sure everyone has a hot meal when they arrive home.

These are all my favourite easy and healthy chicken breast crock pot recipes in one big list. I hope you love them too!

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This article and its contents are owned by sparklingpenny.com and was first published on 14 May 2021.
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