How To Keep Your Feet Warm Without Wearing Socks

how to keep feet warm without socks

When your feet get cold the obvious thing is to grab is a pair of comfy socks. But maybe that option isn’t open to you? Maybe you don’t like the pressure on your feet, or you have allergies, or maybe your feet just don’t fit into your shoes with socks on?

Whatever the reason I’m here to help!

To keep your feet warm without socks choose slippers with thick soles so that your feet are well insulated from the ground. Other options include taking a hot bath or using a foot bath.

Read on for more suggestions.

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How to keep feet warm without socks

Keep your whole body warm (keep moving)

If you can’t wear socks to keep your feet warm, try keeping active. If you keep moving the blood pumps throughout your body towards your extremities such as fingers and toes.

If you are outside, walk a little faster until you start to feel out of breath. If you are inside, keep moving. Household tasks such as vacuuming are great for warming up the body.

As well as keeping the body moving, here are some things you can do to keep warm whether you are inside or out (yes I have been known to wear a hat inside!):

  1. Wear a hat. You lose the most heat through the top of your head. Wearing a hat will help to keep that heat in your body.
  2. Layer up. Wear lots of layers instead of one thick one and add/remove layers as the temperature changes. Start with a thermal layer and then move up to a thin jumper, followed by something thicker before adding your outdoor coat.
  3. When sitting inside use a blanket or shawl to keep you warm. This wearable sleeved blanket is perfect for snuggling up at home because it covers up all areas including your feet.

Get a space heater

For times when you need extra heat in a specific area, a space heater is a perfect choice. My favourite type of heater for warming the feet is infrared.

Infrared heaters work like the sun. They heat objects in their path rather than the air around them, which makes them perfect for warming your feed.

Make sure the heater is not obstructed.

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Take a bath

There is nothing like a hot bath for warming your body to its core. Run a nice hot bath with some essential oils making sure your feet are under the water.

Have a foot bath

If you have no time for a bath, a foot bath is a perfect way to warm your feet without consuming too much precious energy and water.

Get some cozy slippers or wear shoes with a thick sole

I find that it doesn’t matter what I wear on my feet, if I don’t have a decent sole on my chosen footwear I get cold in the winter.

My favourite indoor shoes are Fitflops because besides being very comfortable, they have very thick soles.

Whether Fitflops actually get you fit I don’t know, but they always keep my feet lovely and warm even if I don’t wear socks. They also keep my feet cool in the summer. I recommend getting a pair without the toe post so that you have the option to wear socks for extra warmth.

I have this type of leather Fitflop which so far has lasted for more than two years and they are still pretty much perfect. I only wear them indoors. I have outdoor Fitflops too because I love them so much!

Try some toe warmers

If you don’t want to wear socks or even an extra pair of socks on cold days, try these toe warmers. Shake them to activate the warmth and tuck them inside your shoes for extra heat.

Get underfloor heating

Switching to underfloor heating instead of wall radiators will keep your feet warm without having to wear socks or anything else on your feet.

It’s very costly to change your heating of course. If that option isn’t open to you, laying down carpets will keep your feet warmer.

Insulate your floor

A large proportion of heat gets lost through your floor. The floor is a great place to start when you insulate your house and will lead to a reduced heating bill.

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Frequently asked questions

Why are my feet warmer without socks?

If you are finding that your feet are warmer without socks, it could be that your socks are too tight against your skin. When there is some air between your skin and the sock, your feet will feel warmer. It is also worth asking your doctor about this to rule out any health concerns.

Why are my feet always cold?

If your feet always seem cold and you’ve tried everything to warm them up, it is best to consult your doctor. Here is a useful link as to the reasons why your feet might be cold.


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