How To Clean A Mobile Phone Touch Screen (naturally)

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how to clean mobile phone touch screen naturally

Has your mobile phone become part of your anatomy? It certainly has for me! I rarely make calls on my phone. Instead, I am always texting, checking emails and watching videos.

So, you would expect that something you touch so regularly would be teaming with bacteria.

How ever careful you think you are, germs will no doubt set up home on your favorite device.

Before you eat or prepare food, it goes without saying that you should wash your hands. That is even more important if you have just tapped out an email!

Here at SparklingPenny, we aren't obsessed with making everything germ-free. We aim for a safe and happy medium. We don't want to train our body to only thrive in sanitized environments.

Mobile phones, along with things like toilet seats, dish cloths etc., are often the most unsanitary places. I wouldn't stop cleaning my toilet, so the same goes for my mobile phone.

You can get your phone pretty clean by wiping it front and back with a dry microfiber cloth. Dampen the cloth if you have more stubborn dirty marks. For a deeper clean and to disinfect, use some dish soap or a UV phone cleaner.

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Cleaners you should not use on your mobile phone

Before I start, let's go over what you should not use on your smartphone.

  • Harsh chemicals. Avoid using chemicals such as Windex or anything containing ammonia or alcohol.
  • Abrasive cloths. Always use a soft cloth. Avoid paper towels, tissue paper or anything that could scratch your phone.
  • Water. You can use a damp cloth on your phone, but avoid anything more than that.

Always be gentle when you rub the screen. Don't press hard.

How to clean your mobile phone touch screen naturally

You can clean your mobile phone naturally using just a microfiber cloth and some water.

For a deeper clean, check out my recipe for making your own homemade mobile phone screen cleaner here.

Step 1 - Turn off your phone

dirty mobile phone

Before you begin cleaning your phone, turn it off. Whilst it isn't essential to do this, you can see the dirt more easily on a black screen.

Step 2 - Remove the cover

If your phone has a cover, remove it first.

You could also remove the screen protector if you have one. But keep in mind it might not go back on again. This could be a good time to fit a new one.

Step 3 - Wipe over the phone with a dry microfiber cloth

wiping mobile phone with dry microfiber cloth

Remove loose dust and debris with a dry microfiber cloth. A glass cleaning cloth is the best kind due to the finer weave.

You will find that most, if not all, greasy and sticky marks will come off with a dry cloth.

If you still have some smudges, the next step is to use some water.

Step 4 - Optionally use some water

spraying a microfiber cloth with water

Dampen another microfiber cloth using a spray bottle of water and wipe the whole phone again. Any marks should come off easily.

Follow with a dry cloth or allow your phone to dry naturally.

clean mobile phone

Natural ways to sanitize your phone

The above tips will get your phone pretty spotless. But what if you need it sanitized too?

If you are worried about your phone harboring bacteria and viruses, it is a good plan to sanitize it once a week.

However, do remember that the second you touch your screen, it will have bacteria on it again!

UV light

mobile phone in the sun

The sun and its ultraviolet rays is a natural sanitizer. So, in theory, you should be able to sanitize your phone by simply leaving it outside in the sunshine. However, this will cause the phone to overheat, and it may even shut down.

A much safer option is to use a UV cell phone sanitizer. Simply put your phone inside the box, and it will disinfect your phone in just ten minutes.

Dish soap

cloth phone and dish soap

Experiments have shown that simple dish soap can kill enough bacteria and viruses present on your phone to make it safe.

Here's how to clean and disinfect your mobile phone with dish soap or hand soap:

  1. Dampen a microfiber cloth with water and soap. Either dish soap or liquid hand soap can be used.
  2. Gently rub all surfaces of the phone with the cloth.
  3. Take care not to get water into any of the connection ports.
  4. Dry with a clean microfiber cloth.

Here's more on that - how to make a homemade mobile phone cleaner.

How to keep your mobile phone screen clean

Now you know how to clean your mobile phone screen, let's keep it that way!

Here's what you can do to keep your screen clean:

  • Keep it in a case. The best cases are those that fully cover the phone, like a wallet. The screen is then protected from dirt and scratches on all sides.
  • Regularly wipe it over. Keep a microfiber glass cloth handy and regularly wipe the screen down.
  • Keep your hands clean. Try to keep your hands clean and avoid handling your mobile when you are doing dirty jobs such as house cleaning.
  • Don't use it while eating. Avoid touching your phone while eating. This will stop your screen from getting greasy and sticky.
  • Don't let children use it. Don't let your children play with your phone. Younger children love to put things in their mouths!

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