Homemade Mobile Phone Screen Cleaner Recipe (natural)

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homemade mobile phone screen cleaner recipe

Here is my simple recipe for a homemade mobile phone screen cleaner.

To make it all you need is soap, water and a couple of microfiber glass cleaning cloths.

Be careful not use too much water or soap. You want to keep moisture to a minimum.

This recipe will also sanitize your phone, killing bacteria and viruses. Avoid antibacterial wipes, sprays or gels, because they can cause damage.

Remember that as soon as you touch your phone, bacteria will begin growing on it again.

I recommend you do this once per week.

A good time to clean and sanitize your phone is after a sickness bug. That way, you won't reinfect yourself or anyone else.

As I write this post, we all have Covid-19 in our house.

I will certainly be doing this as soon as we get over it. Fingers crossed that will be soon!

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Homemade Mobile Phone Screen Cleaner Recipe (natural)

homemade mobile phone screen cleaner recipe
There is no need for chemicals. This recipe will clean and disinfect your phone.

Things you will need


  1. Remove the case.
  2. Spray some water onto the cloth.
  3. Squirt on a small amount of dish soap or hand soap on the cloth.
  4. Wipe the on phone all sides. Avoid the connection holes such as power and USB.
  5. Wipe with the second dry microfiber cloth.
  6. Allow your phone to air dry.
  7. Put the case back on.

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