How To Keep A Flat Screen TV Dust Free

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how to keep a flat screen tv dust free

Don't let your TV get dusty! It spoils your enjoyment and can even cause damage if you let the dust sit and collect for too long.

In this post, I show you the most effective way of removing every spec of dust, plus I share my tips and tricks for keeping your TV screen dust-free going forward.

In most cases, all you need to keep your flat screen TV dust-free is a regular wipe over with a dry microfiber cloth.

Even smudges often come off with just a dry cloth.

But if you still have greasy marks and fingerprints, read on for the best way to get your TV screen gleaming again.

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Seven tips for keeping your flat screen TV dust free

Here's what I do to keep my TV dust-free. These are all simple things that take hardly any time.

Tip 1 - Keep the room dust-free

Keeping your TV room dust-free will help to keep surfaces, including your TV, free of dust.

Try to keep the floor regularly vacuumed because that prevents dust from being churned up onto surfaces as you walk.

When dusting a room, start from the top of the room, and work your way down. Finishing up with vacuuming.

I have loads of tips on how to save a ton of time dusting your house - how to save loads of time dusting your house.

Tip 2 - Use a HEPA filter on your vacuum

As you vacuum, the dust you sucked up from the floor can be pushed back into the air only to settle back onto your furniture, including your TV screen.

To prevent that from happening, make sure your vacuum has a good filter. A HEPA filter is best because it can filter out very tiny particles.

I love my Miele Cat and Dog vacuum for getting rid of dust. The HEPA filter actually makes the air cleaner after I vacuumed it is so good!

Tip 3 - Keep the area around the TV clutter-free

Keeping the area around your TV free of clutter will really help to make dusting quicker and easier.

Tip 4 - Regularly wipe with a clean and dry microfiber cloth

It goes without saying that the more frequently you dust your screen, the easier and quicker it will be.

A regular quick wipe over with a dry microfiber cloth, front and back, will keep your TV clean.

To help myself remember to clean up, I like to leave a cloth in the areas of the house that need the most attention. I feel much more inclined to do a quick clean if I don't have to go and find a cloth first.

Leave a handy cloth next to your TV. If you make it easier for yourself, you are much more likely to do it!

Tip 5 - Wipe with a dryer sheet

After dusting, wipe your TV screen with a tumble dryer sheet. This will reduce the static charge on the surface so that dust is not attracted so easily, and your screen will stay dust-free for longer.

Tip 6 - Avoid touching the screen

Avoid touching the screen. Wipe off sticky marks as soon as they happen.

Tip 7 - Cover the TV when not in use

If your TV is not in use, I recommend covering it with a sheet to protect it from dust, and other types of dirt, such as spider poop.

How to dust a flat screen TV

If you are wondering how best to get dust off your TV screen, the important thing to note is that there is no need to reach for a chemical spray.

Window cleaning sprays such as Windex will damage an LCD screen.

A dry microfiber cloth is all you are likely to need. If you have sticky fingerprints, then a bit of water might be needed too.

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Step 1 - Turn off the TV

Make sure you turn off the TV before you begin dusting. It is safer, of course, but it is also much easier to see dust and smudges when it is turned off.

Step 2 - Wipe with a dry microfiber cloth

wiping a TV screen with a microfiber cloth

Always start with a dry microfiber cloth rather than damp. A dry cloth can attract and hold onto the dust much better than a damp cloth.

Begin at the top and use an 'S' motion to work your way down the screen.

Step 3 - Wipe with a damp microfiber cloth

If, after wiping with a dry microfiber cloth, you can still see smudges and fingerprints, spray some water onto a clean microfiber cloth.

For a very smudged screen, spray a mix of 50/50 distilled white vinegar and water onto the cloth.

Then, wipe the whole screen again.

Step 4 - Dust the back of the TV

Dust can also collect on the back of the TV, clogging up connection ports and air vents.

For cleaning out air vents, use a hand held vacuum on a low suction setting.

Step 5 - Finish with a dryer sheet

wiping a flat screen TV with a dryer sheet

Allow the screen to dry. Then wipe it with a tumble dryer sheet. The dryer sheet will reduce static on the TV screen, which will stop it from attracting dust.

Make sure you put on some gloves before handling a dryer sheet because the chemicals in them can irritate your skin.

Step 1 - Don't forget to clean the remote control

TV remotes can get dusty and sticky over time.

A regular wipe over with a dry microfiber cloth is often all it needs.

Do you have a sticky remote control button? Check out my method for making your remote work like new again - how to clean a TV sticky remote control.

Frequently asked questions

Can dust ruin a TV?

A thick layer of dust on a TV screen can affect the picture. If dust gets into the TV's vents, it can cause the TV to malfunction.

What can I spray on my flat screen TV to clean it?

Do not spray anything directly onto your TV screen. Always spray the cloth instead. Use distilled water, or some diluted white vinegar for very smudged screens. In most cases, a dry microfiber cloth will be sufficient to clean your screen.


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