Can You Dry Socks In a Microwave?

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I often put my microfiber cloths in the microwave to kill bacteria on them. I ‘cook’ my cloth for about a minute and then shake it out. After that, it dries dry very quickly. So that got me thinking. Can you microwave other things like socks? What would happen? Would socks actually dry in a microwave? Is it dangerous?

Of course, microwaves are designed for cooking food, not drying clothes. So the idea of drying your socks in the microwave is a hack. But it’s a fun thing to consider anyway!

If you are after a quick answer, here’s how to dry your socks in the microwave. Read on for more details.

After washing your socks, squeeze out excess water. Cook on high for two minutes. Shake out the socks and then air dry.

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How to dry socks in the microwave

🔥WARNING🔥 Drying socks or any other type of clothing in the microwave is not recommended due to the risk of them catching fire.

There are a couple of big rules to consider before you attempt to dry your socks in the microwave.

  1. Make sure they are wet! Microwaves work by vibrating the water molecules. Everything has some moisture in it, even if it feels dry. If you put a dry sock in the microwave there is very little moisture for the microwaves to work on, which means that there is a big risk that your socks could catch fire. If you are using a microwave to dry your socks then, of course, they are going to be wet to start with. If you are tempted to try warming your dry socks in the microwave, then please don’t because it is dangerous.
  2. Don’t leave unattended. There is always a fire risk with cooking anything in a microwave, even food. Always keep an eye on your microwave, so you can deal with problems immediately.
  3. Don’t attempt to dry fully. As the sock dries there is less moisture. Microwaves need moisture to work. When the sock gets to a certain level of dryness it is liable to catch fire. When you finish microwaving your sock it will feel damp. Let the sock finish drying naturally.

With that said, I guess you arrived at this post because you are wondering whether it is possible. So here I am going to share the safest way to do so.

How to safely dry your socks in the microwave:

  1. Wring out as much water as you can. Squeeze out as much water from your wet socks as you can. To get more water out roll your socks up inside a towel and twist.

    how to dry socks

  2. Place your socks in the center of the microwave oven.

    socks in a microwave

  3. Cook on high for two minutes. Always keep an eye on the socks whilst they are cooking. The suggested cooking time of two minutes is based on a 750w oven. If your oven is more powerful reduce the time. To be safer, cook at 30-second intervals.

  4. Remove the socks (they will be hot you may need tongs). The socks will have been heated to a very high temperature. If they are too hot to handle use a pair of tongs or a knife to remove the socks from the microwave.

  5. Shake out the socks to release the steam. Give the socks a shake, and as you do so more steam will be released from the socks.

  6. Allow your socks to dry naturally. Place your socks where they can dry. As you can see, the oven handle is the perfect place for me!!

    socks drying after microwaving

What are the advantages of drying your socks in the microwave?

Despite the danger of your socks catching fire, there are actually a couple of advantages of drying your socks this way:

  1. Using a microwave reduces the natural drying time by about half. You can at a pinch put your socks back on your feet after a few minutes of air-drying. They will still be damp, but the heat from your feet should finish off the drying.
  2. You will kill germs. Due to the very high heat, the bacteria in the socks will die and your socks will be more sanitary.

Here’s a useful video on how to handwash your socks and dry them in a microwave:

YouTube video

In the next section, I have great advice on how best to dry your socks naturally.

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How to dry socks fast without a dryer

If the negatives of drying your socks in a microwave have put you off trying (fire risk to name a big one), then what is the best way to dry your socks if you don’t have a dryer? You can also use these tips to fully dry your socks after you microwaved them to a damp stage.

How to dry wet socks naturally:

  • Hairdryer. Set your hairdryer to the lowest setting and aim it at a safe distance from the sock. Turn the sock as you dry it.
  • Roll up the sock in a towel. Grab a dry fluffy towel and roll your socks up inside the towel. Twist the towel to remove excess moisture. This will help to reduce drying time.
  • Iron. Lay your sock on a towel and then lay another towel over the top. Heat your iron and then iron over the top towel until the socks are dry underneath.
  • Air dry near a radiator. Hang your socks near a radiator to dry. Don’t put them directly on the heat as this can damage the fibers in the sock.
  • Peg your socks on a clothes hanger. Then hook the hanger over the door frame.

How to dry socks in an oven

Ovens aren’t a great place to dry clothes but drying small things like socks is just about possible. If you don’t mind your socks smelling of last night’s pizza then this could be for you!

  1. Heat your oven to 100c or 200f.
  2. Turn off the heat.
  3. Place your socks on an oven rack in the center of the oven making sure they don’t touch the sides or the oven element.
  4. Open the door to let out moisture as the socks dry.

If you have a fan oven you could turn down the heat to ‘fan-only’ and keep the door shut.

Frequently asked questions

How to dry wet socks at work?

It’s horrible having wet socks and shoes. As well as being uncomfortable, it isn’t good for your feet. It’s much healthier to take off your wet socks and dry them before you put them back on.

If you have a hand-dryer in the bathroom at work, hold your socks under the air until they are dry enough to wear again.

To get your socks dry at work, place them on the nearest radiator. If you don’t have a radiator nearby, find somewhere to hang them. Your backpack could be an option. If you have drawers, jam them into a drawer, so that they hang down outside.

How to dry socks fast at school?

If you arrived at school in the rain and your shoes got drenched right through to your socks, what is the best way to dry them fast?

The quickest way to dry your socks fast at school is to take them off and put them on the nearest radiator. You could also tie them to your backpack and they should dry naturally in a few hours.

If you have a towel available you can reduce the drying time by rolling up your wet socks inside a towel and then twisting the towel. This will extract water from the socks.

What happens if you put socks in the microwave?

Always put wet socks (not dry) in the microwave otherwise there is a risk of fire. When you ‘cook’ wet socks in a microwave they will get very hot and some of the moisture will evaporate. When you remove the socks from the microwave, evaporation will continue until they cool down. Lay the socks out to air dry naturally after microwaving them.

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