How To Clean A Microwave With An Orange (and no scrubbing)

how to clean a microwave with an orange

I don’t think I have ever cleaned my microwave with proprietary cleaners. I don’t know what I would choose if I had to go to the store and buy something! I have always found natural ways of cleaning so effective that I have never felt the need to reach for anything stronger.

I also love it when I can put leftover food or peelings to use!

If you have ever wondered what to do with your leftover orange peelings, then this is for you.

In today’s post, I want to share with you how to clean a microwave with an orange, specifically peelings. But, if you have a whole orange to spare, then you can use the whole fruit too.

Interesting tip: Did you know cats hate the smell of citrus? If you are trying to keep cats off your lawn or you have an annoying cat peeing on your front door, try scattering your old orange peels around the spot you want them to avoid.

It’s so easy to clean your microwave with an orange.

Here’s how in a nutshell:

Add some orange peelings to a bowl of cold water. Microwave on high for two and a half minutes. Remove the bowl and then wipe around inside with a microfiber cloth. The orangy steam will make it easy to wipe away stuck-on food.

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How to clean a microwave with an orange

Don’t waste your orange peelings. You can use them to clean your microwave! Maybe you have an old orange in the back of your fridge that you are about to throw away? If so, then use it to make your microwave sparkle and smell gorgeous too.

Don’t have an orange to spare? Find out how to clean a microwave with just water.

Here’s how to clean your microwave with orange peels or the whole orange:

Step 1 – Add orange peels to the water

orange peels in a bowl of water

Put your saved orange peels in a small bowl of cold water. You might need to push them down below the water. You want to make sure that all the orange peels are saturated.

If you are using a whole orange, cut it in half and squeeze some of the juice into the water. If your orange is really old and doesn’t have much juice, cut it into wedges and add a couple to the water.

Step 2 – Cook on high for two and a half minutes

bowl of orange peels and water in a microwave

Now let your microwave clean itself! Simply cook the bowl of orange peels (or orange juice) for two and half minutes on high.

Step 3 – Remove the bowl

Remove the bowl and the bottom plate. Your microwave should be nice and steamy inside. It should smell gorgeous too.

Step 4 – Wipe inside the microwave

Take a damp microfiber cloth and wipe inside the microwave. Then wipe the bottom plate you removed. All the dirt should come away easily without the need to scrub. If it doesn’t, put the bowl back in the microwave and cook for a further two and a half minutes on high.

Step 5 – Wipe the outside of the microwave

wipe the inside of the microwave with a microfiber cloth

Your microwave is now clean on the inside with the power of steam and orange peels. Now is the perfect time to wipe around the outside of the microwave too.

Take a new damp microfiber cloth and wipe all around the outside of the microwave.

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Frequently asked questions

What’s the best thing to clean a microwave with?

You don’t need expensive cleaning products, use the power of your microwave instead! Simply cook a small bowl of water in your microwave for two and a half minutes. Optionally add a slice of lemon or orange or anything else citrusy such as lime juice. You can add just the peels if that is all you have. Then remove the bowl and you will find that food splatters should wipe away.

Can you clean a microwave with orange peels?

Yes! If you only have orange peel to spare, don’t throw it away! Add them to a bowl of water and microwave on high for two and a half minutes. The dried-on food splashes in the microwave should wipe away easily.

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