Stay In Control Everyday With These 12 Super Quick Cleaning Tasks

Stay In Control Everyday With These 12 Super Quick Cleaning Tasks

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It has to be said, that when you carry out the housework little and often, a) it makes the job easier, and b) it doesn’t seem such a daunting task.

I’ve never been one for a cleaning ‘day’. I always found myself dreading it and ultimately putting it off.

Postponing a cleaning ‘day’ has a much worse affect than putting off a 10-minute job. I find that smaller jobs are much more enjoyable, and I don’t dread doing them.

So I’ve had a think about what I tend to do on a daily basis, that keeps our house looking decent, most of the time.

As you might know by now. I’m not a great fan of cleaning! But I love a clean home, so that is the motivation for me.

Let’s get started!

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1. Do the washing up

Even though we have a dishwasher, there are still plenty of things that need handwashing.

I like to wash up at least once per day and I try to keep on top of it. Our kitchen is pretty small. It doesn’t take much for it to look messy.

If there are only one or two things. I spray them with my handy bottle of diluted dish soap, so there is no need to fill the sink. Then I can simply scrub, rinse and then leave it on the drainer to dry.

2. Wipe the kitchen counter tops

diluted dish soap in spray bottle

When the washing up is done. Wipe over the kitchen countertops with a microfiber cloth. For extra cleaning power, I grab my bottle of diluted dish soap and squirt it around a bit and then wipe.

3. Wipe around the sink

Our sink is stainless steel and shows every watermark and stain known to man, but not if I wipe it every day!

The perfect time to give it attention is after washing up. I just wipe all around with a damp microfiber cloth which is all it takes to keep it looking cared for.

4. Take out the trash

Getting into the habit of taking out the trash every day means you never have an overflowing trash can along with the smells that it can cause.

5. Put on one wash

I love to do my washing in cold water. So even if I have a small amount of laundry to do, I do it daily because doing the wash is now so cheap! If you haven’t yet turned down the dial, I highly recommend it.

Laundry doesn’t mount up, and we always have clean clothes and fresh bedding. Getting into a freshly laundered bed is bliss!

I always do one or two extra spins so drying time is much quicker and cheaper too.

6. Make your bed

This one is so easy, but it makes such a difference to a room when the bed is made.

My husband likes to make the bed at about the same time he gets back in it, but I’m trying to change that habit!

7. Load the dishwasher

If you have a dishwasher, load it before bed, so it can work its magic while you sleep.

8. Put shoes away

shoe storage

If you have a home for your shoes, make sure to put them away.

When I do this, the hallway seems so much more spacious and tidy. My husband made some storage under the stairs which is perfect for all the shoes. It made such a difference!

9. Scoot around with vacuum

cordless vacuum

A quick sweep or vacuum of your floors will keep them looking good.

I recommend getting a cordless vacuum, because it is so easy to grab and whiz around the house with.

10. Wipe around the bathroom

Take a damp microfiber cloth and wipe around the bathroom sink, shower and shower door. If you wipe your shower door daily it will never get grimy or covered in hard water stains.

11. Vacuum the pet bed

If you have a dog or cat, a quick vacuum of their bed will ensure that it never gets too hairy.

For smelly pet beds, try this homemade pet bed spray.

12. Use a pet hair roller on the sofa and cushions

pet hair roller

Pet hair rollers are great for quickly picking up pet hairs from the sofa and cushions. Keep one handy, so you can pick it up as required.

There you have it. Those are all the jobs that I aim to do every day.

Of course life happens, and it doesn’t always get done. If you don’t have the time, maybe doing some of them every other day would work better for you?

If you are struggling for motivation, I have the perfect antidote in this post - how to trick yourself into cleaning up.

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12 quick cleaning jobs you can do every day without thinking!