Learn how to get a fragrant hair-free house when you have a smelly dog that sheds constantly
Even when you have absolutely no time!
What’s in the course?
5 bad habits you need to drop immediately

Drop these 5 habits and you and your doggy will live in harmony.

Get a daily checklist

Get a downloadable checklist of little cleanup jobs that will take you just minutes to get done each day.

Get your fragrant home back

I share all my top tips to make sure your home is sweet-smelling 24/7.

Banish the hair

Find out how to achieve a hair-free home with minimal effort.

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Got a question?

Is this a course or an eBook?

The training is in the form of a course that you can take at your own pace.

How long will the course take?

You can take as long as you like, but you could get it done in a few hours it is so simple to learn.

Can I get a refund if it isn’t for me?

If the course isn’t suitable for you, please email me your reason and I will refund the full price immediately.

Will this work for any breed?

Yes! My methods should work for all breeds of dogs.

Have more questions?

Email me directly: [email protected]