when to change ecoegg pellets

How To Know When To Change Ecoegg Pellets

Since I started using my Ecoegg, I knew that at some stage I would have to refill the pellets and I’ve been wondering how to know when to change Ecoegg pellets. The Ecoegg I bought is supposed to last for … Read more

which vegetables can you spiralize

Which Vegetables Can You Spiralize?

This post is more of a journal rather than one of sharing my experience of spiralizers. Because basically, I don’t have much to share yet. I have as many questions as you do, one of the first being ‘which vegetables … Read more

best uses for soap nuts

13 Best Uses For Soap Nuts You Never Knew

I’m always on the lookout for anything that can save me money on cleaning products, and soap nuts fill that bill beautifully. Aside from the money-saving aspect. Soap nuts are an eco-friendly way to clean your house, clothing and body. … Read more

ideas for dinner with jacket potato

10 Ideas For Dinner With Jacket Potato

As a student and later when I lived on my own, jacket potatoes (along with tuna) were a staple meal, and of course a great budget-friendly meal too. What is not to love about them? Easy to cook, cheap to … Read more

ideas for dinner using mince

40 Ideas For Dinner Using Mince

Mince must be one of the most versatile of ingredients (and very budget-friendly too). Today I have 40 ideas for dinner using mince, including beef, lamb, turkey and vegan alternatives. There must be millions of recipes for mince, and I’m … Read more

soap nuts vs ecoegg

Soap Nuts VS Ecoegg – Which Is Best For You?

Soap nuts VS Ecoegg which is best for you and your laundry needs? Both options will help to reduce your plastic consumption, are kind to your skin and generally cheaper than regular washing detergents. But there are some subtle difference … Read more

can you use soap nuts for hair

Can You Use Soap Nuts For Hair?

I know that you can use soap nuts for laundry, but lately, I have been wondering, can you use soap nuts for hair too? It turns out that soap nuts make a brilliant shampoo, leaving your hair, silky, shiny and … Read more

How To Get Fit On Zwift

How To Get Fit On Zwift

So you want to know how to get fit on Zwift? Well, let me tell you that if you love running or cycling but want to be able to do either of those things in all weathers at any time … Read more